Aged care operators get help to manage AN-ACC funding model from Mirus Australia

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Mirus Australia has launched a free online AN-ACC calculator to help aged care providers manage the transition to the new funding tool, the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC).

The AN-ACC funding tool will replace the current ACFI system and is scheduled be live from October 2022.

A shadow assessment period is underway and the experience so far for providers is varied, said Mirus Australia, who say they are helping providers with a seamless transition from ACFI to AN-ACC.

 “We’ve launched the AN-ACC calculator to help our providers get an early start on how to familiarise themselves with what is coming and to better understand any differences in entitlements under the new AN-ACC model,” said James Price, Co-Founder of Mirus Australia.

“The calculator takes everything we currently know about AN-ACC and we have added the ability to adjust the National Weighted Acuity Unit (NWAU) loading to model outcomes. As we analyse more data this NWAU becomes even more valuable – the power of big data really comes through here.”

Experience the Mirus AN-ACC calculator here.