Are you strategizing how to use your data and analytics to achieve compliance and business success in aged care?

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eCase by Health Metrics is the Australian market tested solution for providers to succeed in the aged care sector.

Quality data capture and the generation of real analytics to understand, control and grow your aged care business is no longer a ‘wish’, it is a requirement.

Customers, staff, leadership teams, the board, the regulator and Government expect the best software system to be in place as an essential operation solution to be compliant and competitive.

eCase provides market leading technology for you to manage the complexities of operating an aged care business.

Health Metrics solutions are built with intelligent management functionalities and feature advanced analytics for smarter decision-making to achieve compliance, quality, clinical, and financial outcomes.

We continuously develop and improve our solutions to keep up to date with Government standards.

Our eCase software supports standalone retirement village, home care and aged care operators through to integrated continuum of care providers.

123 Government reforms commencing now

Within the next few years Residential Aged Care (RAC) will markedly change. Whilst the full impact of The Royal Commission will drastically reform the industry, there are other factors dramatically affecting the sector.

The 123 Government accepted reforms from the Royal Commission are being implemented now. This is not the time to feel complacent about how, for example, to report on 200 minutes of care efficiently to meet compliance requirements.

The key to successfully navigating this period of change will be entirely based upon how providers manage their data and information.

Consolidation and competition are gaining pace now

The sector has consolidated by approximately 30% over the last ten years and will continue that trend.  Concurrently the competition for every consumer is increasing and their needs and expectations continue to become more sophisticated.

The Government supported trend to stay at home instead of moving into RAC until it is essential, will grow. Consumers are entering RAC at higher levels of acuity and staying shorter periods of time.

All of this means the sector will become more of a sub-acute or palliative offering, requiring extensive data management and reporting.

How does all this relate to analytics? Complexity, occupancy, and business insights.

RAC is a very complex sector. Whether we’re referring to funding instruments, movements, legislation, or quality standards – it’s all complicated. And likely to become more so, not less so.

And we can safely say that occupancy pivots the viability of any RAC business. Understanding the “front end” of your RAC business will be crucial. Not just from a CRM-based workflow perspective, but from an analytics perspective.

Who are you missing out on? What is your addressable market? Who is most likely to make the decision about their parent potentially entering your facility?

Can you confidently answer these and other questions?

To even tackle these types of questions requires committing to being a “data driven organization”. Once you make that leap, everything else will have a chance of falling into place.

Ask yourself, how many of our decisions (operational and otherwise), that you make on a daily basis are actually data driven?

Government expectation

The Government intends to create a nexus between quality, governance, compliance, technology and data and funding.

The data landscape that this will cover includes, but is not limited to, the accountability that surrounds 200 minutes per day, nutrition, incidents, polypharmacy and specific pharmaceutical deployment.

For example, from July 1st 2022 (eight months from now), residential care providers will need to report and publish care staffing minutes for each facility on the MyAgedCare website, and providers will be required to report to residents and their families on care delivered.

The right software system can make reporting and compliance easy.

Quality data capture

Quality data capture is fundamental. As a provider, you’re either capturing all the data points or you aren’t.

And if you aren’t, you will not be able to scale nor manage the future informational demands on the business. That includes your ability to remain compliant.

Data and generation of useful analytic insights are key to maximizing care delivery and service outcomes.

Key tips to thrive in the future of aged care.

1. Understand the value of data

Not all C-level executives are considering the value of the data that they’re collecting now. They do not have a really strong intent around using that data to support their growth and their compliance.

Providers need to understand how they can use intelligent analytics to optimise care and improve service delivery. It’s about understanding the “why” – the real purpose behind the move towards data with analytics.

2. Define Outcomes

It’s important to understand where to focus your efforts depending on what your goals are. It’s important to define outcomes and/or corporate key performance indicators (KPI’s) that you want to achieve, maintain, or improve.

Outcomes can be aligned with, but not limited to workforce, compliance, quality, clinical or financial requirements of the provider. It’s different for each business depending on the current state and the desired future state of the provider.

3. Assess new data needs against your current capabilities

There is a need for providers to make the move to intelligent enterprise grade software. Providers should identify limitations of outdated software platforms to realise the vision of a world class aged care system.

4. Invest in a proven, intelligent solution: eCase

Health Metrics supports over 60,000 beds and growing across Australia and now New Zealand.

Offering end-to-end management for providers of care, eCase enables superior data capture, in real-time, at the point of care.

At any given moment, Health Metrics can let you know how your facility is tracking in terms of compliance and adherence to the quality standards.

With an intelligent solution like eCase, real-time insights on key quality and performance indicators enable you to make meaningful data-driven decisions.  

eCase will future proof your business

Future-proof your business by choosing a technology partner that is deeply immersed in the changing data landscape for the Australian Aged Care sector.

2021 is just the beginning of many much-needed changes for Australia to move towards a world class aged care system built on dignity and respect for all people, underpinned by technology.

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