Australian Government philosophy on housing and supporting the health of ageing Australians

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Sen. Fifield has responsibility for guiding the future of ageing health in Australia.
This will be one f his first public meetings with the sector.

  • Government projection of demand for services
  • 0ne to three years and beyond – this Government’s term
  • Budget commitments to match that demand
  • Variation to existing policy – services and funding to be increased/reduced
    Medium term master strategy to deliver equitable outcomes
  • Community Care/ Home Care / Residential Care
  • Accommodation policy review and new initiatives
  • Telehealth
  • Consumer Directed Care – Government expectations
  • Self funding of care – when and how

Robyn Batten, Executive Director, Blue Care – LEADERS SUMMIT 2014 Speaker

Robyn leads one of the largest organisations in the village and care sector, with annual revenues exceeding $1B. There is no room for wrong steps. She reviews her vision of the next 5 years.

How to protect and expand a $1B revenue mission based service

  • The rapidly changing and uncertain care environment generates risk at an unprecedented level when your organisation has 15,000 staff, 8,500 volunteers and 50,000+ customers
  • planning, capital investment and strategy execution must be astute and executed efficiently
    Blue Care has committed to a new village model with integrated community services and more
  • New service and marketing strategies were launched in 2012 and will be rolled out to over 200 QLD locations
  • Capital investment in built product has been significantly increased to deliver the new services
  • Gary Barnier, Managing Director, Domain Principal Group – LEADERS SUMMIT 2014 Speaker

With 55 care facilities and 4,500 beds, Domain Principal identifies that marketing to the broad public is vital for profit survival in the new world of Consumer Directed Care

• All care providers need to regard the loss of secured revenue streams resulting from Consumer Directed Care as a major threat to business viability

  • control of revenue is to be reversed advice CDC; no longer will the service provider dictate terms as the consumer receives the funds and dictates the services to be purchased
  • on the micro scale each provider can shape their offering but is this enough
    • A whole sector solution and execution is required to ensure the resources to deliver services can be maintained
  • the sector will only remain viable give it is perceived to deliver ‘value’ and that value is understood
  • consumers need to be attracted to the product offering
  • the potential labour force needs to understand their contribution
  • media and government need to appreciate the quality of the services delivered to the community
  • Dr. Peter Wilton, Senior Lecturer – Marketing, UCLA School of Business (Berkeley) – LEADERS SUMMIT 2014 Speaker

Peter is a San Francisco based Expat Australian that works personally with the CEO’s of companies such Cisco Systems, Apple and Johnson & Johnson on creating innovation and customer loyalty. See him interviewed HERE.

•Most valuable asset for every organisation is the loyal customer

  • the investment cost and the bottom-line value of the loyal customer cannot be matched by any other asset
  • every organisation can generate customers
  • the skilled organisation will retain and nurture those customers into loyal customers

How you can transform your organisation into a customer loyalty based

  • the key steps in identifying the core benefits that customers are seeking
  • the key steps required organisationally to transform your business to become customer loyalty based
  • a demonstration of the significant additional value a loyal customer can generate