Benetas’ annual industry breakfast focused on industry’s most pressing issue: workforce

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Not For Profit provider Benetas’ eighth annual industry breakfast has focused on the challenges of the aged care sector’s workforce.

Panel members were Louise O’Neill, Aged Care Workforce Industry Council CEO; Karin Hawkins, NeuroLeadership Institute’s Lead Consultant, and Bradley Lynch, Benetas’ In-Home Service Assistant.

“The timing was pertinent to hear not only from workforce industry expert Louise O’Neill as well as neuroscience leadership expert Karin Hawkins, but particularly from Bradley,” said Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM (pictured).

“Bradley used to be in the tyre industry before electing to shift careers entirely so he could give back and do work that he felt really matters.

“Bradley represents a whole new group of people that we are trying to reach, ones who make the leap because they see great promise in community work and the benefit of making a difference each and every day.”

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated workforce shortages with the nation’s border closures, single site rules and vaccination mandates. The heavy load of the last 18 months has left staff exhausted.

It has been projected that an additional 100,000 workers will be needed in the next 10 years and 400,000 by 2050 to meet the care needs of the increasing ageing population.

A group of 13 providers, led by RFBI CEO Frank Price, has warned Federal Government that providers will be unable to meet shifts – let alone the new 200 direct care minutes requirement – within the next 18 months unless drastic action is taken.