Can Virtual Reality help market (sell) retirement villages and care? YES!

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VR is not mainstream yet but it is close.

In fact, we have a VR agency that has just opened up next door to us Diesel Immersive. Check them out HERE.

It is not just putting goggles on your head. VR is used to create new worlds and experiences – think Lord of the Rings.

12 months ago the first VR village project was done for Presbyterian Care by marketing agency GBD, selling $3M village apartments here in Sydney. They were selling them before the first spade had dug up the development site.

And this is where it can work across the sector – replacing costly full display suites with a VR tour of a complete apartment with real people in them. See how GBD did it HERE.

VR is assisting brands around the world create more personalised and engaging experiences than ever before.

Click HERE to check out how a tourism organisation in Switzerland used VR to give their potential customers a taste of what their product has to offer.

You can be forgiven to think that this type of marketing would only work for experience-based products, however, increasingly, brands are coming up with new and inventive ways to integrate VR into their campaigns.

Check out how Cancer Research UK created a VR Garden HERE and boosted visits to their legacy page by 416%. Could something similar work in the aged care space?