Care concierge services plus telehealth coming to retirement villages

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The rollout of NBN is forcing village operators to abandon their copper wire / analogue emergency call systems. They won’t work with NBN and will be turned off by NBN within 18 months of NBN arriving in your area.

This explains two things about why the largest emergency alarm provider to villages, INS, is replacing over 50,000 units for free with existing customers and why they are upgrading their replacement unit to be fully telehealth compatible – because NBN makes telehealth real.

And with telehealth can come full ‘care concierge’ services for village residents and operators – which will change the sector forever.

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By the way, INS is working with non-client village operators to have their new system installed also for free, taking advantage of funding that ends in six months.

You can contact INS HERE to learn more.