Catholic Health Australia campaigns in key electorates for better aged care pay and training

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Catholic Health Australia is to campaign in key electorates before the 21 May Federal Election.

The largest Not For Profit health and aged care services provider, which is a registered charity, has funded Fight for Better Aged Care.

“Older Australians and their families rely on an aged care sector that’s properly funded and staffed so that they get the care they deserve,” said CEO Pat Garcia.

“Staff at our aged care homes are working hard and doing the absolute best they can. But we need better pay to drive recruitment and retention, and better training to improve care for residents.”

The Health Services Union (HSU) is seeking a 25% wage increase before the Fair Work Commission for personal care workers, recreational activities officers, catering, cleaning, administration, and other staff.

The Coalition and Labor have said they will comply with any orders, but neither side has specifically said how they would fund a pay rise, which analysts estimate could total up to $18 billion over four years if the unions’ full claim is granted.