Community registers, tea and biscuit drops, partnerships with local restaurants: Lifestyle Communities’ James Kelly on supporting residents during coronavirus – and opportunities

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The CEO (pictured), who is also the Chairman of the Residential Land Lease Alliance, has 20 lifestyle communities across Victoria with 3,500 staff and 110 staff.


“We have registers of everyone in the community who is vulnerable and staff are reaching out positively and proactively every second or third day,” he said.

Staff have dropped tea, coffee and biscuit packs at all homes with information being regularly provide to residents via email and door.

With the Government’s latest telehealth announcements, all residents now have access to medical services.

They have also provided inspirational quotes for homeowners to display in their windows which residents can see as they take a walk – at a safe distance from others.

With providers closing clubhouses, sporting facilities and pools, James says they have created a virtual wellness program for their homeowners with a 30-day challenge designed focusing on the mind, body and soul as well as exercise video starring their wellness staff.

Lifestyle Communities has also approach local restaurants that are struggling to offer inexpensive take-home meals to residents.


James also emphasises the need to be constantly communicating on the changes – he speaks daily with his leadership team with two daily conferences calls to their broader staff. He likens the current situation to being the captain of a ship.

“You’re trying to keep everyone safe while navigating completely uncharted waters. You don’t know what icebergs you might hit and you’re always talking to the boat’s owners to keep them informed which is our shareholders.”


Despite this, James says there is – sadly – an emerging opportunity for operators because of the hit that many retirees have taken on their superannuation – to the point they launched a new radio ad yesterday to appeal to that market that may be looking to downsize and free up some cash.

You can hear it HERE.


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