Envigor CEO Nick Loudon speaks up on Government contempt

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Few sector leaders are standing up and speaking about the increasingly dire service challenges operators face and the disrespect Government shows operators and staff.

Last week we covered Envigor’s CEO and LASA board member Nick Loudon’s comments that the Government ‘doesn’t listen’ before releasing new rules and regulations.

This week he released again on LinkedIn a follow up commentary including:

“Just a modicum of respect is all we ask. The PEOPLE working in Aged Care, supporting the most vulnerable and at risk PEOPLE are also amongst the lowest paid, poorly resourced and vilified in the country. If government is not prepared to LISTEN to and resource them appropriately, don’t come chasing them with mob mentality and pitchforks when next COVID 19 outbreak takes hold in a suburb near you”. 

He went on to discuss Government edicts for staff flu shots but noting the poor supply plan.

“This is not an experience unique to the circumstance of COVID 19 by the way – it’s just yet another example (on a very long list) of the complete contempt with which Governments and Health Departments treat Aged Care Workers and providers. Little wonder more than half the industry is on its knees”.

These remarks were made on 22 April, before the Prime Minister’s personal edicts and the confrontational webinar with Minister Colbeck last Friday.

Read the full transcript here.

How many providers are needed to speak up to make an impact on Government?