Government enlists StewartBrown to help providers through reporting process

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Providers looking for assistance with new Basic Daily Fee reporting requirements have been advised to contact StewartBrown, with the Federal Government contracting the firm to provide help desk support.

StewartBrown will aid providers in their reports for the Basic Daily Fee – which are due today – as well as the annual Aged Care Financial Report, which is due on the 31st of this month.

The helpdesk service will respond to email enquiries on both reports, providing independent and strictly confidential support to providers in need; according to the Department of Health, 847 aged care providers are currently receiving the $10 per day Basic Daily Fee supplement.

Providers who fail to report for the Basic Daily Fee will have payments suspended until the report is received, with no option for back payment.

The help desks can be reached at for the Aged Care Financial Report, and for the Basic Daily Fee report.