Government releases long-awaited Aged Care Workforce Taskforce report: changing attitudes to caring key

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As we covered here, ‘A matter of care – a strategy for Australia’s aged care workforce’ was developed after nine months of consultation with providers, consumers and workers before being presented to Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt in July.

Now the Government has released its findings – and the focus is on helping the sector shift attitudes to caring careers and enhancing quality of life for older Australians.

Chair of the Aged Care Workforce Taskforce John Pollaers has proposed the creation of an Aged Care Industry Code of Practice. He has also laid out a strategy to create new career pathways for aged care workers – a common complaint from workers in the sector.

The Government has already made some movement in this direction. In March, it announced an Aged Services Industry Reference Committee to reform national training package qualifications and skill sets for aged care workers and study new approaches for career progression.

Now comes the hard work for providers – working with the Taskforce and Government to implement the strategies.

You can download the full report HERE.