Has your business been rated or ‘rattled’?

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Online black-market reviewers are destroying companies overnight. Plus we have the solution for the retirement village sector.

Did you know that 97% of people read a review before making a purchase?

This reliance on online reviews has paved the way for a new black-market business – where companies pay to have negative reviews created about their competitors.

As a result, companies have been destroyed overnight. Tradettes, an all-female trade business, received 500 ‘one-star’ ratings in less than 12 hours, bringing their 5-star average down to 2.5 stars. For the business, this resulted in a 50% depletion of revenue.

Alan Chapman, Founder of Ethicas, the world’s first online review verification service, says that for as little as $3 per review people can have fake reviews created online.

Whilst fake reviews are illegal, they are almost impossible to detect and therefore difficult to prosecute.

Safe, secure village resident ratings

Over the next two weeks, villages.com.au is launching a solution for the retirement sector.

Introducing … ResiRatings!

Our ResiRatings is the first ever resident-based rating program for retirement villages.

493 villages have already been rated by their residents in the areas of Financial, Social, Physical, Mental and Environmental.

With a very impressive average score of 4 out of 5 stars, the results will instill consumer trust, create strong reputations and drive enquiries for these villages. They will also be more than enough to combat any negative reviews.

The ResisRating also includes an overall satisfaction rating for each village, these results were identified off the back of the villages.com.au National Residents Survey – again a very strong average score of 7.9 out of 10.

ResiRatings are an independent Review program owned and operated by villages.com.au. All reviews can only be submitted by residents at that village – not black-market reviewers (or disgruntled family members).

Keep an eye out for ResiRatings to be rolled out across villages.com.au very soon.

If you didn’t participate in the villages.com.au National Resident Survey and would like to conduct a ResiRating with your residents please contact Anna Archibald at annaa@docomemonday.com.au.