I have an important request, please.

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A group of us have been developing a strategy to win increased user pays self-funding in aged care, to deliver a real future.

Plan B can deliver $3B in extra funding

We call our strategy Plan B, and estimate that it will bring in at least $3 billion a year in new funding in 2023 – that is next year. We will have a fresh Government and a chance of a new Budget and policy next May.

Hear Grant Corderoy explain Plan B HERE.

This is not a ‘bash-the-Government’ strategy, but the reverse, a plan to help the Government to ease in user pays.

$3B: Success requires operator participation

To be successful, we need to engage all operators in the strategy now, not in 12 months’ time.

We have the elements ready to launch Plan B. Vital for success will be the active support of all operators. We will provide you with the materials for success. We need to brief operators now – and will do so at the LEADERS SUMMIT in three weeks’ time.

$3B: Only opportunity in 5 years

We are told that politically if we don’t achieve policy change now, we lose it for at least five years.

That is five years with uncertainty and five years of lower levels of care for clients.

Join us at the LEADERS SUMMIT in your capital city on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March, in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to be briefed on Plan B.

Come and refresh your strategic thinking after two years of COVID-19. Bring your leadership team so they are on the same page with Plan B now.

Check out the program of influential speakers HERE and join in an amazing opportunity that we as a sector must not lose.

Thanks, and see you at the LEADERS SUMMIT. It’s important.