If the pendant was yesterday’s technology, what is tomorrow’s – ask eevi

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Every village operator (and family member) knows that people do not like wearing an alarm pendant – in fact American research shows more than 50% refuse or forget to wear it.

A pendant is ugly, ageist and gets in the way.

The solution? New thinking using old concepts like a watch or a phone.

We all wear watches and we are all inseparable from our phones.

The retirement village specialist tech provider, eevi, delivers village operators an open technology platform to utilise off-the-shelf solutions like Samsung GPS watches and Google Home to deliver security plus a rich range of other lifestyle services in one experience.

And the strategy is working. Residents prefer an attractive watch to a pendant, plus have GPS location and voice activated emergency call. It’s logical.

This strategy is an international phenomena. In the US BestBuy has just paid $800M to acquire GreatCall who invented the Jitterbug phone – a mobile with big numerals, extra loud speakers and has a speed dial button to emergency support.

And it looks good.

Eevi MD David Waldie reports village operators are bringing on full villages to the eevi ecosystem because it is contemporary, looks good and gives great value beyond a traditional alarm system.

“We conducted research involving over 250 hours of resident interviews and 1,500 data points.   What emerged was loud and clear.  Operators must demonstrate that they have thought through the technology residents need.  Operators must show they have solutions that move with changes in resident care needs.  And Operators must show they make technology easy to use and desirable.”

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