Investing in a new building project? Meet your most valuable staff advocate.

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You are driving an exciting new aged care property development.

It’s a big job, a big responsibility, and it has to work for all stakeholders – including the operational staff across the next 30 years.

You want to engage staff in the process out of respect and their wisdom – but this is a 3 to 5 year project and actual workflow is not their expertise.

The solution is Sadie Burling and Paynter Dixon.

Over 30 years Sadie has grown through the system, from Registered Nurse to Director of Hospital Administrator to Care Facility Manager and then overseeing the multi – campus operations of 10 residential aged care services.

Now for the past six years she has led Health and Ageing for Paynter Dixon, conceiving senior accommodation projects (aged care, retirement living, allied health), overseeing the building and the delivery of optimum and efficient workspaces.

When you engage Paynter Dixon you engage specialist people who have lived projects end to end. This is a unique IP Paynter Dixon can bring to de-risking your project – at any stage:

  • Master planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Refurbishment
  • Remedial and Insurance Work

Sadie and the Paynter Dixon team can assist in:

  • Understanding the requirements for your target market
  • Understanding small innovations that deliver big outcomes
  • Understanding emerging technologies
  • Understanding future business opportunities, building in adaptability
  • Co designing for feasibility testing
  • Co-designing for optimum workflow and efficiency

Sadie Burling will advocate for your staff to achieve the optimum workflow and efficiency across the length of the project.

This is why 80% of Paynter Dixon projects are with repeat clients.

To learn more contact Sadie Burling
 04 0991 9410