LDK’s new ACT village delivers 12 sales in June with ‘One Move Promise’

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We have been staying in touch with Paul Browne to confirm that the steadily rising sales at his brand-new village Greenway Views in Canberra is a solid trend, and not simply capturing the early adopters to his unique membership contract and ‘One Move Promise’.

As at 10am this morning (30 June) they achieved 12 new sales at around $800,000 each this month.

In May they achieved 10 sales.

Their external marketing program commenced last October and the village was open to inspections in April – peak COVID.

A huge development, the village will cap out at 400+ homes.

Browne is keen for the village sector to learn and adapt his model, believing it is the future for the retirement village sector.

In summary, he offers certainty in the contract with a membership model rather than a DMF model, plus he provides support-level care, promising that you will not have to move again.

They invest heavily in care support. Today, in the early stage of the village population growth, he reports that he has 23 personal carers, six registered nurses, a clinical case manager, a village care manager and their national care manager on site.

For the village sector facing buybacks and uncertainty of sales coming through to settlements leading into Christmas and the New Year, LDK is demonstrating that with the right offer, even in this COVID market, demand can exceed supply.