Listed oil and gas company makes the move – into home care disruption

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Antilles Oil & Gas has announced it will acquire 100% of the issued capital of Perth-based HomeStay Care, including its one Australian and two Singapore-based subsidiaries.

HomeStay was founded in 2016 and has utilised $1 million raised in 2016/17.

They offer a free app that features three offerings: Aged Care On Demand Services; HealthCare data management – an online health portal that allows users to store personal medical records and upcoming appointments and consumers to communicate with their doctors at home – and Intelligent Home.

According to Antilles, the company plans to expand the NSW-based test programs to a national platform.

HomeStay currently makes its profits by taking a 15% cut of the on demand home care services plus charging subscription fees for the Intelligent Home services.

As part of the acquisition, Antilles also plans to do a capital raising between $3 and $4 million at $0.02 per share. It is also starting commercial operations in Singapore.