Man charged with attempted murder of 84-year-old woman has past convictions for murder of two elderly people

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A man charged with attempted murder after allegedly bashing an elderly woman in a retirement village was charged with the murders of two elderly people while he was a teenager.

The Daily Telegraph revealed the man in his 40s, who can’t be named because he was sentenced for murder while a juvenile, allegedly broke into Patricia Maton’s, 84, unit on November 16 2019 at the Huon Retirement Village in North Turramurra, Sydney.

He is accused of savagely bashing Ms Maton before stealing two gold rings and strangling her, leaving her with a fractured nose, bleeding to her brain and multiple cuts and bruises.

Agreed facts tendered to the Downing Centre District Court state the man hit Ms Maton to the floor before choking her until she lost consciousness.

In a shocking turn of events Judge Ian McClintock, SC, told the court the man was responsible for the deaths of three people, two of them the murders of elderly people, during his juvenile years.

Prosecutors claim the man’s alleged attack on Ms Maton was a “very clear repetition” of his previous offending.

The man’s lawyers told the court he had pleaded guilty and showed genuine remorse.