Mandir Ashram: Multicultural Aged Care Playhouse

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‘Multicultural Aged Care Facility,’ The Canberra Times, August 15, 2008, p. 25.

The Mandir Society of Australia, a not-for-profit community group that has operated in Canberra since 1979, made news this week with its plans for a boutique, multicultural aged care facility. The Mandir Ashram, to be built at Farrar, will be built for the entire community but will cater for the specific dietary and language needs of culturally diverse groups. It will incorporate the latest technology available (plasma televisions, electronic surveillance sensors, ADSL, all day audio-visual communication with management) as well as being green (environmental developments include the use of purified grey water and a rain water retention pond). The facility will include 80 boutique-style, self-care ILUs, as well as an on-site restaurant, community bus and other facilities. Low and high level care, as well as luxurious extra level care, will be offered. Another innovative feature of the Mandir Ashram is to train, assess and certify new generation of carers, including in the use of new technology in New Delhi, to the Australian requirements. The Ashram has already secured support from 12 local community organisations – including Chinese, Indians, Sri Lankans, Tamils, Buddhists and Kurds.