McCrindle Baynes village census 2013 discovers retirement village industry is No.1

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Our latest research project commissioned with McCrindle Research has just been completed with 5,200 residents across 236 villages and 23 operators completing a 46 question survey.
The questions had been structured so that a Net Promoter Score could be achieved for the industry.
The score is +25, making the retirement village industry the most valued industry by its customer base.
The next highest scoring industry is ‘online retail’, according to consulting firm Bain & Co who created the Net Promoter Score methodology and applied it to 19 industries in Australia last year.
The key question was “How likely is it that you would recommend this village to a friend?” Just 6% of the full sample said ‘not at all likely’.
When the 1,200 people who had moved into a village since January 2012 (today’s customers) were asked the same question just 3% said ‘not at all likely’. 40% said extremely likely. Out of 1 to 10, only 14% scored less than five.
Amazingly exactly 50% of the full sample said that their ‘overall happiness and life satisfaction’ had increased ‘slightly’ to ‘significantly’ since they moved into their village. Only 9% said their overall happiness and life satisfaction had decreased ‘slightly’ to ‘significantly’.
The 159 page report has been distributed to the 23 participating operators. If you would like to learn more please email