Medibank Private to offer palliative care at home

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The private health insurer is working with St Vincent’s Health Australia to offer the service on the East Coast after successfully trialling it in Western Australia since 2016.

Medibank is also working to complete an acquisition of a national in-home care business for around $70 million as it looks to enhance its value offering for customers – and stop the flow of members to lower-premium policies.

Chief executive Craig Drummond has told the Fin Review that rehab in the home can deliver the same or better outcomes to patients for $6,000 less per patient with an out-of-pocket saving of $1,300 and a net promoter score (NPS) of 70.

An NPS represents the percentage of customers willing to promote a brand minus the percentage that badmouth the brand – 70 is considered to be ‘world class’.

No wonder the insurer wants in.