Meet your new Federal Ministers

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Kevin Rudd has held on to Nicola Roxon from Shadow Minister to Minister
for Health and Ageing. However he has repositioned Jan McLucas from the
Shadow Minister for Ageing to the Parliamentary Secretary to Nicola Roxon,
and promoted Justine Elliot to Minister for Ageing (a junior ministry). As Glenn
Bunney of Sundale Villages regularly points out, this portfolio has historically not
been treated with the importance it deserves, with 6 Ministers in 10 years (Smith,
B. Bishop, Andrews, J. Bishop, Santoro, Pyne). Justine Elliot will be the 7th, and
hopefully the last for some time.
The CEO of the RVA, Kate Hammond, has welcomed Nicola Roxon and called on
her to appoint an ambassador of the ageing, to ensure their interests are heard
and considered.