New mobile sales lead tool improves sales conversion rates by 50%+

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Retirement and aged care operators are adopting a mobile app-based sales system that promises to keep valuable leads alive.

‘Martin’, from Particle Sales, delivers leads to a salesperson’s phone and automates the process of client interaction, prompting users to follow up and allowing them to schedule calls, texts, emails, and Zoom meetings. The cloud-based system shows salespeople, or village or facility managers, new leads, histories, and required actions.

Meanwhile, marketers and managers can use Martin to access real-time data on conversion rates for each person and each campaign.

Already a ‘killer app’ in the mortgage broking sector, one large retirement living operator is already using Martin, preparing to feed leads to its on-site people located in each of the states. According to creator Scott Graham, the tool is a game-changer for sales.

“This is a unique solution – many others claim to have these capabilities, but we are the only provider of a complete sales management solution based on a mobile workflow approach, and it shows in the real-world results Martin is delivering,” he said.

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