New solar panel rebate scheme announced

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The Federal Government has announced its long term replacement program for subsidizing the installation of solar panels on roofs to generate electricity.

Called the Solar Credits Scheme, the Government will provide people who buy solar panels with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s), which can be sold for cash. Today the value of a REC’s is $35. The money you will get if you buy a 1.5 kW solar system is $5,425. The concept is that energy companies have to buy REC’s to compensate for the carbon pollution they create when generating dirty power. In summer when air conditioning is high, they have to buy more so the demand and value of REC’s is higher. In summer the value of a REC’s can be $45 which will give you a subsidy of $6,975. For retirement villages and aged care facilities you may be able to achieve ‘free’ or close to free solar systems. For more information email us at