NZ operators take up DCM Institute village management professional development program

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The New Zealand Retirement Villages Association has joint ventured with our DCM Institute to take its ongoing professional development program to New Zealand operators.

DCMI Director of Learning and Leadership, Jodie Prosser (pictured), and I presented the joint initiative at the RVA National Conference in Auckland. Judy Martin and Jill Donaldson also flew across for the launch.

In New Zealand, operators have invested significantly in building trust within the community, together with Government and the peak resident’s association.

In January, the RVA and the Retirement Villages Residents Association of New Zealand (RVRANZ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), committing to closer collaboration and co-operation.

The establishment of professional development for retirement village management has been a major objective of residents for some time. The RVA Education Committee identified that the DCM Institute program delivered the content, structure and proven participation, and it was a better solution to bring DCMI to New Zealand than attempt to build from scratch.

They identified that as little as 10% of the content requires “Kiwi-ising’.

Over 350 village executives are enrolled in Australia. You can check out DCMI HERE.