Chuck Norris spruiks NORCS as new US retirement village developments drop to record low – check out Steve Monroe’s LEADERS SUMMIT presentation to find out why

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Only in America – the martial artist and actor, best known for his role in TV series ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, is advocating the village community model to his readers on conservative US news site WorldNetDaily.

The idea of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCS) – which combine ageing in place with an interdependent support network – were made popular in the US by the Beacon Hill Village in Boston. There are now an estimated 110 across the US – and around 120 in development.

Mr Norris highlights figures 89% of Americans would like to stay at home as long as possible – a figure that jumps to 95% for people aged over 75.

It echoes what Steve Monroe, Partner and Managing Editor of Seniors Care Investor in the US, told us about the American market in his recent LEADERS SUMMIT presentation.

Last year there was just 150 new retirement village units being developed in the US. This has created high demand for existing units, but few villages are also offering care services.

This fact, combined with new technology such as home monitoring and wider availability of home care services, means more people are opting to age in place – even if they aren’t living in a NORC.

The US is widely considered to be five years ahead of the Australian market. What does this spell for the traditional village model here then?

Steve has some fascinating predictions for the US market.

Check out the video of his full presentation HERE.