Opal’s Gary Barnier fronts 7.30 Report

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Opal Aged Care CEO, Gary Barnier, appeared on the ABC program which was billed as “a two-part investigation by 7.30, members of two families say they felt intimidated by the boss at Opal Aged Care, a company half-owned by Australia’s AMP.”

Very concerning incidents relating to Opal Leamington on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2015 were aired plus questions raised about Barnier’s discussions with families when they took their complaints to him personally.

Barnier was very upfront with the incidents, stating with a level of contrition: “We’ve got 6,000 residents in our care. I have looked after nearly 30,000 residents in the time I’ve worked in this business and the vast majority of times we do a very good job, and we deliver what people expect of us.”

“But there are times where we don’t hit the mark, and it’s not acceptable and I should stand up for it and I should be held accountable and I’m here for that.”

At the same time he did not accept that he had ‘intimidated’ family members.