Spotlight on the Hills District: aerial photos reveal villages and aged care transforming communities

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With councils and residents’ groups actively fighting retirement and aged care development in Sydney’s semi-rural Hills and Hornsby Shires, we asked our friends at aerial imagery tech company Nearmap to provide us with some before and after photos of some recent retirement village developments – Aveo’s Bella Vista development and Anglicare and Living Choice’s villages in Glenhaven.

Check out the photos below – the transformations are amazing.

Anglicare’s Glenhaven village in September 2011

Anglicare’s Glenhaven village in July 2018

Aveo’s Bella Vista development in October 2010

Aveo’s Bella Vista development in July 2018

Living Choice’s Glenhaven village in October 2010

Living Choice’s Glenhaven village in July 2018


The fear of ‘geriatric cities’ has led The Hills Shire Council to object to all new retirement village applications for the time being, while they address seven potential new developments.

We have to ask though: what is better – creating a structured community with 100 homes in a concentrated location or spreading out developments all over the shire?

As Nearmap’s Executive Shane Preston pointed out to us, Living Choice Glenhaven recently underwent a redevelopment to provide aged care services for over 350 village residents – can you put a value on the local services being funded by those residents?

Nearmap is a useful tool if you are looking to successfully support projects like these.

You can find out more about its services HERE.