Stephen Becsi introduces Apollo Care – innovative RAC development funding targeting Not For Profits

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Following 14 years as Deputy CEO and CEO of WA’s Not For Profit Bethanie, Stephen Becsi has teamed up with finance veteran John Young to launch Apollo Care, a new specialist capital investor in residential aged care.

They have established access to superannuation and other institutional funds to support residential aged care operators to expand or renovate their care facilities.

Becsi says: “Our funding is particularly suited to not-for-profit providers that want to improve and or expand their residential care facilities, as well as provide other community services.”

“Of particular interest to many providers is our joint venture structure that provides a bundled funding, bond management and risk/compliance solution.”

John Young is the principle of Sydney’s KTM Capital and has been building the $100M+ funding channel with Becsi for the past 18 months.

Visiting our offices last week he said: “We are able to deploy industry super fund capital via innovative structures that go beyond sale-and-leaseback.”

“For the industry super funds, it’s an alternative asset class that offers stable returns in projects that have immediate and transparent social benefits – what’s now called impact investing.”

While they have concentrated on building solutions for the Not For Profit RAC operators they are also providing services to private operators.

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