Strike over: Bupa nurses and carers negotiate nearly 4% per annum wage increase in Victoria

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Workers will receive an increase of 11.25% over three years plus improved workplace entitlements and workload management under a new enterprise agreement.

The deal follows 14 months of negotiations, during which over 1,000 nurses and carers across Bupa’s 26 aged care facilities took part in 37 days of industrial action. This included three days of full strikes (a first in the aged care sector) and a 400-person rally outside Bupa’s Melbourne headquarters.

Bupa had originally offered staff 2.1% in a one-year agreement and no benefits.

Workers previously rejected an 11.25% increase in October because the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) said it didn’t address inadequate staffing issues.

Will we now see other providers pushed to pay more?