US: Haitian immigrants a window to the future of the aged care workforce

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The 2010 Haitian earthquake destroyed much of the country, resulting in 59,000 people being given temporary permission to reside in the USA, many in Boston (Massachusetts). 4,300 now work in aged care.

But US President Donald Trump has rescinded their visa status and they have to leave the country by mid-2019.

Basically they all have to go, and at a time when the unemployment rate is down to 4.5%. On top of this, with one in four direct workers being immigrants in the US, other nationalities working in aged care will also be shown the door.

Where is the replacement workforce going to come from?

New Zealand is facing the same challenge with its recent visa change.

Japan, Taiwan and Canada now have special visas for care support.

What are the lessons for Australia?

And where is the humanity for those facing deportation (with their families)?