VIC: Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) trains village residents in airing complaints to politicians and media

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The new wave of Consumer Advocacy: Around 60 retirement village residents attended CALC’s workshop, which was run in partnership with Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG), Consumer Action Law Centre, Residents of Retirement Villages Victoria (RRVV) and Council on the Ageing (COTA).

Residents voiced frustration with a range of issues including a lack of respect, bullying, no effective dispute resolution, excessive fees and poor management practices as well as the current complaints handling framework and the treatment they received from operators.

The forum also highlighted ways of sharing complaints with politicians and media – a key issue in an election year.

CALC was a driving force behind the Fairfax/Four Corners report aired 12 months ago next Wednesday.

The main message? Be concise about your experience and tell them what you want to be done.

How many MPs do you think have since received a letter or email?