Village Management Professional Development Days a Hit

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Our fourth Professional Development Day is happening today in Adelaide. We have already been to Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, with up to 30 village management people attending each day.

Plus we live streamed the days for regional managers that could not make it to the city locations.

Here is some of the feedback:

“Having had the opportunity to attend yesterdays session in Perth I wish to shout out to all RV operators that you need to support this long overdue but vital professional development opportunity that has been designed to empower, embrace and encourage all Village Managers of the industry to excel  and feel supported in a practical sense in every aspect of their roles”.

“Thank you both so much for yesterday, it was fantastic. I am still processing a lot of the things I heard and it is was also intriguing to see hear how other Villages run their businesses. So looking forward to the next day”.

“It was great opportunity to network and look into the future in a positive light with all the changes in the industry. I also look forward in taking the journey with DCMI”.

“I thought the day was a huge success. The networking opportunities were fantastic, the speakers and content all very worthwhile. I have returned to work and started implementing a few things I have learnt already”!

“Personally I was really impressed with the content and the speakers. It was a bit scary committing so many staff to undergo the training but I know we made the right decision and the staff will get so much out of the next 12 months”.


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 Village Management Professional Development

You can join our Village Management Professional Development program at any time.

Download a brochure HERE and check out the 12 month program, which includes three Professional Development Days in your state.

For operators – Code of Conduct and Accreditation

The VM PD program will equip your village management to be ready for the Code of Conduct by implementation date, 1 January 2020, plus build your preparedness for Accreditation.

For Village Managers – earn PD points and build your career

Every stage of the VM PD will earn you PD points as recognition of your investment in your village management skill set.

You can also gain prior learning recognition in the LASA leadership diploma, which is recognised across the sector and in other industries.

The investment is $1,850 for a 12 month single registration, with attractive discounts for group registrations.

Learn more HERE. Hope you enjoy us.