Warrigal’s Seven Year Plan focuses on retirement villages. Hear more at the VILLAGE SUMMIT

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This week we had a fascinating conversation with Mark Sewell, CEO of Not For Profit Warrigal, based in the Illawarra, south of Sydney.

We were discussing the importance and power of ‘social licence’, and how Warrigal is going to leverage its local trust to boost its retirement village activity.

In preparing their Seven Year Plan now through to 2030, Warrigal intends to moderate its residential aged care growth in favour of retirement villages.

They currently have 11 RACS with 1,041 beds and nine retirement villages with just 383 units.

Mark says they will increase their residential aged care business by 150% over the seven years but because they do ‘believe’ in retirement villages, they are exploring every opportunity to expand them aggressively.

Vital to catch the customer early

He details their strategy to capture clients very early in the care support journey, around shopping and doctor visits support, leading into home care packages which will be a feeder, drawing them into large community hubs where they can experience and mix with Warrigal retirement village residents.

He explains that mixing customers with customers has been the most powerful marketing and sales tool, stating Warrigal has over 300 people on some waiting lists for their villages.

You can learn more from Mark and how to leverage ‘social licence’ at the VILLAGE SUMMIT – now in every capital city 11 November through to 2 December. Details HERE.