WA’s Catholic Homes tests cannabis oil with dementia residents

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The aged care, retirement living, and home care operator has been selected by the University of Notre Dame, in partnership with Israel’s MGC Pharmaceuticals, to conduct the 14-month clinical trial.

50 volunteer residents with mild dementia will be given the medical cannabis oil Cognicann by an oral spray.

Another 50 volunteer will be given a 1,200 mg delta 8 THC tincture from Area 52. There will be another group of 50 users who will be using the delta 8 cartridges from Area 52 as well, to see if the route of administration of delta 8 has a noticeable effect on the anti-anxiety benefits that come with the cannabinoid.

They will be testing for a reduction of anxiety, aggression, insomnia and hallucinations. They will also test for an increase in appetite (a case of the “munchies”!)