11 days with no new cases or deaths in Victoria – no need for “surge” testing of suburbs

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Yesterday saw more encouraging data from Victoria, with the state recording its 11th consecutive day with no new cases and no new deaths.

This meant there were just four active cases state-wide, a significant decrease on the 135 active cases reported at the same point in October.

And the 14-day rolling average in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria remained unchanged at 0.4 and 0 respectively.

Since the start of the pandemic, Victoria has recorded 20,345 total cases and 819 lives lost.

Currently no need for “surge testing” – Department of Health and Human Services

Part of what made Tuesday’s numbers so encouraging was the sample size of the data – no new active cases from 12,955 tests conducted in the 24 hours prior.

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Commander of Testing, Jeroen Weimar, said a continuation of these strong testing numbers would eliminate the need for surge or targeted testing blitzes in specific areas around the state.

“We’ll keep working with local organisations and schools to identify areas where if people want us to come and do more testing or we think we’ve got an area that’s underrepresented then we’ll be working with them to see what we can do,” he said.

“We are very vigilant and we are keen to ensure that not only are people coming forward to get tested, which they are in good numbers, but if there are parts of the city where we think we need to do a bit more work or we need to encourage people to come forward, we’ll continue to do that.”