12 more deaths linked to aged care outbreaks and 372 new cases recorded in Vic – and an update from the Aged Care Response Centre

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews confirmed 372 new cases of COVID-19 in his daily briefing on Friday, an increase on Thursday’s total of 278 new cases.

Victoria now has 7,877 active cases with 2,034 linked to aged care (26%).

Premier Andrews confirmed 14 new deaths including one man in his 20s, three women and two men in their 80s, and four women and four men in their 90s.

Of these deaths, 12 have been linked to aged care settings.

The major Victorian aged care outbreaks include:

  • 203 cases linked to Epping Gardens Aged Care in Epping (2 new cases since Thursday)
  • 187 cases linked to St Basil’s Home for the Aged in Fawkner (3 new cases since Thursday)
  • 154 cases linked to Estia Aged Care Facility in Ardeer (1 new case since Thursday)
  • 131 cases linked to Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes in Kilsyth (no new cases since Thursday)
  • 123 cases linked to BaptCare Wyndham Lodge Community in Werribee (4 new cases since Thursday)
  • 108 cases linked to Outlook Gardens Aged Care Facility in Dandenong North (no new cases since Thursday)
  • 101 cases linked to Estia Aged Care Facility in Heidelberg (2 new cases since Thursday)
  • 91 cases linked to Twin Parks Aged Care in Reservoir (4 new cases since Thursday)
  • 90 cases linked to Arcare Aged Care Facility in Craigieburn (1 new case since Thursday)
  • 83 cases linked to Glendale Aged Care Facility in Werribee (1 new case since Thursday)

Victoria now has 659 people in hospital with COVID-19, including 41 in intensive care. Of the Victorian residents in ICU, 26 are on a ventilator.

Chief Health Officer confident but not sure a peak has been reached

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton also appeared before the press, where he was asked whether he believed the state had reached his peak?

“It would be terrific if it’s true – I’m very confident it’s true – but we always watch the numbers every day – today’s a bigger number than yesterday, and we don’t know what tomorrow will necessarily bring but the trend is definitely downwards.”

“The 5-day trend, the 7-day trend, indicates that the peak was probably four or five days ago and that we’ll continue to see lower numbers overall as the trend from here on in.”

Aged Care Response Centre update

The briefing came on the heels of the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre release, which provided an update on the efforts made to provide continuity, safety and wellbeing.

These measures includes:

  • Transfer of over 400 residents to hospitals
  • Communications support for 7 facilities with 859 outbound calls to families of residents
  • Clinical screen of 61 facilities by ADF and Western Health
  • Training of 30 staff as resident aged care safety officers from allied health services
  • Training of 20 ADF staff in PPE usage and compliance yesterday alone