A cry for help marketers — no more long paragraphs please!!

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Every week we received editorial and marketing copy to appear in our newsletters and online directories.

Every week we have to ‘take the pen out’ and edit this copy because it just won’t work for our client.

Reason: the paragraphs are long at three sentences or more and this does not work in our digital world.

Paragraphs have to be one to two sentences long and those sentences need to be short and conversational.

Why? Because 50%+ of readers or customers searching one of our directories is on a phone or tablet.

They won’t read an ‘essay’. Logical, isn’t it?

It is no different to a newspaper or a magazine which has thin columns.

We also emphasise the ‘conversational’ tone. Essays don’t ‘sell’ but ‘conversations’ do.

If you got this far in this article I hope I have proven my point!