ACSA releases a guide for recruitment of overseas workers

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Reflecting the need to search overseas fro care workers, ACSA has developed a Resource Guide of the main issues, advantages and disadvantages, plus the visa processing hurdles. It is on in the Members Only section.

Institutional investors wanted for the National Rental Affordability Scheme

He NRAS offers $8,672 per rental home tax free to developers who offer rental properties at 80% of the market rate, irrespective of the cost of the dwelling. The third round of grants is only for investors that will fund 1,000 or more homes at a time, across several locations if required. If built for $150,000, the homes will give a tax free 6% return before rental income.

Beware of insulation fraud and fire

In NSW this year 28 homes have caught fire due to poor quality insulation or non standard installation practices. The Federal Government has deregistered over 100 installers in the past two months plus initiated 6,000 audits in November and 11,000 in December. Failed audits will lead to the owner having to repay the Government the $1600 subsidy if the installers can’t be located.

DCM Solar will visit your village over the next three weeks – 300 ILU’s a week being fitted with free solar panels

If your village and residents were successful with DCM in making an application to the Government for a $9,000 solar system, you will receive a list from DCM of your residents that have been approved plus a DCM Ambassador will make a resident presentation over the next 3 weeks. DCM is installing 300 village homes a week with solar panels.