Chinese Home Care AI business model on target for 30M users

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Whilst Australia lags in the use of AI in the aged care sector, Chinese company Lanchuang Network Technology Corp has launched its product four months ago and already has 220,000 elderly clients in 16 cities.

The company is targeting as many as 1.5M users this year, 12M next year and 30M in 2021.

Their business model charges elderly clients just one yuan or about 15 cents a day. They are provided with a setup box, a webcam paired with a TV set and “Xiaoyi” a Siri-like voice assistant, where they gain access to telemedicine and an SOS system as well as for-pay services that include housekeeping and meal deliveries.

But what’s really interesting the company’s CEO Li Libo (pictured) says, the aim is not to make money from its clients, but to take a cut from providers of offline services.

Li says, “Scattered on the ground are pearls”, it’s the company’s aim to string them together.