Alison Quinn gives final dates for retirement village Code of Conduct and accreditation – seeks making CofC mandatory plus an ombudsman

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Retirement Living Council (RLC) President and RetireAustralia CEO, Alison Quinn, announced at last week’s RLC National Conference in Canberra that the final draft Retirement Living Code of Conduct has now been endorsed by the RLC members.

She stated that over two months they had received 250 submissions, mostly from residents. As a check and to make the Code of Conduct ‘consumer friendly’ it had been reviewed by the Sydney-based Ethics Centre.

The endorsed version is now being distributed to 12 key influencers, including state resident organisations.

Village operators will be able to sign up from January 2019 and have 12 months to adjust their business and ‘comply’.

A new accreditation scheme, titled the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (AVRAS) and developed in conjunction with Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), will be ready in Q2 2019.

The RLC will be asking each state government to mandate the Code of Conduct. Quinn also stated the RLC supports the appointment of an ombudsman in each state.