Alison Quinn lists the major Retirement Living Council achievements of the past 12 months

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CEO of RetireAustralia and President of the Retirement Living Council, Alison Quinn opened this week’s RLC conference with a review of the past 12 months’ achievements, including:

– Launch of the national standardised contracts initiative called “National Guide to Simple and Effective Retirement Living Contracts”
– Another PwC/Property Council Retirement Census to support the sector with institutional investors, analysts, bankers and valuers
– Several significant decisions achieved by the RLC tax committee, including new practical compliance guidelines that allow a 10% valuation discount on the fringe benefit tax applying to a live-in village managers housing rights, plus the Tax Commissioner reversing the long held view on the deductibility of capital growth payments to outgoing residents, and clarity on the GST treatment of care services with more village units to be classed as serviced apartments and relevant supplies treated as GST free.