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Amazons new Echo look moves voice first technology from ‘question answerer’ to ‘trusted advisor’ 

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Remember the time when companies thought an online presence wasn’t essential, or when SEO strategies were scoffed at?

Well, that’s where we’re at now with voice first technology. If you’re thinking about dismissing the barrage you need to think again and this is why …

Last month Amazon launched the new Echo Look (it’s practically the same thing as Alexa but with a camera). On the surface Echo Look can be mistaken as a ‘selfie’ taking assistant, however on second look it’s much more.

The companion app that comes with Echo Look is being positioned as a friendly style assistant. Echo Look takes a photo or video of you before you walk out the door each day and then stores, rates and categorises your outfits and (of course) if you opt-in will send you suggestions of items that it thinks will match your outfits – from the Amazon store of course.

What’s Amazon trying to achieve?

Two things, the first one is obvious … data! Amazon has found another way for us to let it into our lives. Echo Look provides Amazon with a front-row seat into the “consideration” phase of our buying process.

The second is not as obvious but so powerful it’s scary.

Echo Look coverts Alexa from a ‘question answerer’ to an ‘opinion giver’.

Once she becomes a trusted advisor and influencer of our morning routine it’s only a matter of time before we start turning to her for other purchasing decisions.

Before long she’ll be choosing the food we eat, the furniture we buy and the retirement village that’s best for us.

How do you ensure your brand is the one Alexa chooses? For now, it’s all about SEO and holding position zero. The first piece of content Alexa can find to answer a question is what she will serve to the consumer.

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