Attention village operators and marketers – let your residents be heard

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Announcing the McCrindle Baynes Village Census and Rating Program 2017.

Let your residents be heard by participating in this landmark village resident survey which goes into the field late September with results in November.

A large participation by operators and residents will create a factual body of knowledge on the true levels of satisfaction of village residents plus what their drivers are in joining a village.

The 2011 and 2013 McCrindle Baynes Census’ delivered 15,200 residents across close to 400 villages and 50 private and Not For Profit operators, completing up to 50 questions which identified satisfaction levels, marketing intelligence and areas for improvement.

These reports have been the research benchmarks for government, media, investment analysts and operators.

In 2017 we have included a Resident Rating score for each village plus a Net Promoter Score (NPS) for each village which will also deliver an NPS score for the retirement village sector.

The leading independent market research firm McCrindle Research will conduct the confidential online Census and deliver the research report in November to participating operators.

The individual operator investment is efficiently priced on the basis of number of units managed; for instance commencing at $1,500 for up to 250 units and $2,000 for 250 to 500 units across multiple villages.

ACSA and the Retirement Living Council support the initiative.

Please join our Village Census – obtain a prospectus HERE, email for more information or call 02 9555 9576.