Australia’s Crown Furniture introduces antimicrobial furniture coating

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The Prime Minister says we should be supporting Australian manufacture – so this news bulletin deserves a run.

Family-owned Crown Furniture, which specialises in furniture for the ageing sector and manufacture everything here in Sydney, has now introduced a new, innovative coating that assists in infection control – the new world essential for retirement villages and aged care homes.

They now coat all their timber products using a new polyurethane coating that contains an antimicrobial additive. This provides effective 24/7 resistance to the growth of bacteria on polished surfaces.

Interestingly the active ingredient in the coating is silver. It turns out that for centuries silver has been used in its pure form as a natural antimicrobial surface to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.

Crown tells us silver works in three ways:

  • the silver additive binds to the cell wall, preventing growth of bacteria
  • its ions interrupt enzyme production, stopping the cell producing energy
  • and the silver additive interrupts the cell DNA, preventing cell replication

Who would have thought?

You can learn more HERE.