Aveo class action – they want $2M from lawyers Levitt Robinson

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Aveo is taking the post Four Corners class action fight to its protagonist Levitt Robinson and its New York litigation funder Galactic Litigation Partners LLC.

Aveo is asking the courts to require them to stump up $1.8 million on top of the $180,000 they have already had to deposit to show they have the cash to pay Aveo’s costs if they lose.

Aveo has also briefed Arnold Bloch Lieber lawyer Leon Zwier. The Australian describes him as “the man…who is loved by his clients and feared – even hated at times – by his opponents..…His fans laud his brilliant legal mind and his trademark aggressive advocacy”.

The case has been running in the courts since last August and will be back again for a management hearing this August. It is expected to run to 2019.