BallyCara Chairman Marcus Riley launches ageing podcast ‘Booming’

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The name parallels the Global Ageing Network (GAN) director’s 2018 book on ageing and brings together expert advice and personal stories with each of the five episodes featuring a special guest.

These include social entrepreneur and OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn, award-winning journalist Kerry O’Brien and celebrity cook and Senior Australian of the Year (2010) Maggie Beer; as well as experts like lawyer Brian Herd (pictured above left) who specialises in areas of elder law, retirement, disability and aged care, and Principal of Aged Care Gurus, Rachel Lane, who specialises in financial planning for older Australians and their families.

“We have the opportunity to really embrace our longevity,” says Marcus Riley (pictured above right).

“We can make the choice to take control and make sure we age successfully. There will be challenges, issues, questions, concerns about our own aging journey, about our older loved ones. Booming offers insights and inspirations about how all of us can age successfully. How we can all boom.”

New episodes will be released on a fortnightly basis on iTunes, Spotify and Omny.