Check out this DCMI video – a great lesson in professional village sales

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If you are in any way interested in villages sales, you should watch this DCM Institute video.

Alison Abel explains how she personally executes the sales for BaptistCare at their The Gracewood Village at Kellyville (Sydney) and is achieving one in three conversions at a price of $975,000 with a DMF and no capital gain share, compared to a comparable three-bedroom home in the same suburb priced at $810,000.

The video runs for 18 minutes and is an interview with DCMI director Jodie Prosser (pictured right). Alison is the Sales Director of Marketability, a 20-year veteran marketing and sales consultancy in the village sector.

Alison explains she has 25 touch points in each of her customer’s journeys, including five before they first meet. Alison has 450 known prospects that she knows personally where they are on their journey. She shares how she maintains engagement from deposit to settlement and beyond.

It’s great stuff and reminds us all that the basics and hard work deliver results.

Check it out here.

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