Courier-Mail editor pens lengthy editorial on aged care failures

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The 670-word piece acknowledges its Associate Editor Natasha Bita has been “exposing” aged care homes “for months now”.

Check out one of her recent stories on the new requirements to report abuse in aged care:

Nursing homes are fighting a Government crackdown on abuse, complaining it will create too much paperwork to report every assault.

Aged-care provider Anglicare has warned that society must “tolerate some failure’’ in the care of vulnerable seniors.

It says too much regulation can ruin residents’ lives and force carers to tie people down to prevent falls ….

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt is considering making aged-care homes report all – “serious incidents’’ – including assaults, cruelty, unexplained serious injury and neglect — to a new agency that would follow up on investigations.

But HammondCare – a Christian charity that made a $10 million surplus last year – claims the mandatory reporting would “generate additional paper trails that would divert staff away from routine care”.

Where is the balance in the reporting?

The answer – there is none.