DCM Institute is expanding

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With over 200 Village Managers and professionals enrolled in the Village Management Professional Development program across the nation the DCM Institute community is also growing.

Results for the first half of the program have been outstanding with 200 participants declaring:

  • The program content as excellent.
  • The opportunity to interact with other Village Managers as excellent.
  • The ability to use our new skills and knowledge back in our villages as excellent.

The participants also shared that the Professional Development days delivered:

  • Peer to peer networking and support.
  • State based legal presentations.
  • Retirement village industry specifics were the most useful components of the workshop days.

The enthusiasm, desire and commitment from these truly inspirational leaders in our sector has been wonderful to see, not to mention the friendships and connections.

Our team at DCM Institute is growing too. Last month we welcomed Tania Kelly (pictured), a passionate retirement living professional who will be assisting our village professional community in their day to day roles.

Tania has over 20 years’ experience working in leadership and operational management, 12 years in the aged care sector, and management and hands on experience in 100 village portfolio.